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Consultancy and Training


Technical-economic assessments and audits
The broad spectrum of operation of WinPower involves a deep knowledge regarding the assessment of needs, the techniques and the economies associated with the projects it generates. Such knowledge, being supported by the daily experience of the different project realities, allows to fine tune and consolidate the performed analyses. 

Energy for buildings

Our scope of intervention aims at improving energy performance, preferably following the construction processes, seeking an identification with social responsibility so as to achieve the best energy performance and adequacy for the local constrains and demands.


The services provided for turn-key construction include training of staff regarding monitoring and management of the installed production centres.

WinPower can provide different types of courses:

Thermal power plants
• Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance Routines
• Management of Diesel power plants
• Safety and Hygiene at Work
• Environmental Management
• Quality Management

• Energy Efficiency
• Green Buildings

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