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Innovation and Development

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activities and programs

Continuous development of the BOOST System - Modular Power Plant
Remaining faithful to the attributes of the modular system – flexibility, resilience, availability, fast installation and simplicity of operation – the WinPower engineering team keeps a continuous effort of improvement regarding the expansion of power plants, greater percentage of pre-assembled systems and continuous improvement of construction details.

Control and management of hybrid power plants
(diesel and photovoltaic or wind power) considering their joint operation in electrical systems. The challenge faced relates to response time from the thermal system (slave) regarding the sudden increase and decrease ramps from the renewable systems (master) ensuring a constant and quality energy production response for the dispatch centre or local distribution grid.

Development of algorithms, advanced techniques along with procedures for diagnosis and verification of photovoltaic plants’ efficiency

WinPower has been developing with its engineering and operation team a set of new methods and procedures for operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants. In particular, complex production assessment tools, diagnostic equipment focused on analysing IV curves of photovoltaic panels and inverter performance analysis models have been developed based on IV curves.