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Cap Verde awards four new Power Plants to WinPower

oret nFebruary, 2013

ORET LOT I – WinPower awarded 4 new Power Plants by Public Tender
Reinforcement of Electrical Power Production and Distribution System for the islands of Santo Antão, Fogo, São Nicolau and Boavista – Cape Verde

The ORET LOT I - Cabo Verde contract for the construction of 4 power plants was executed in February 2013 between the consortium, WinPower and Zagope and ELECTRA – Empresa Pública de Eletricidade e Água SARL. This project, ORET LOT I – Centrais Elétricas, is part of a strategic plan by the Cape Verde government for reinforcing production and distribution of power in the archipelago, contributing for a better supply of power to the populations and industry. 

This contract includes the project, procurement of equipment and their installation, construction and commissioning, using HFO-supplied engine-alternator units. The Santo Antão and Fogo power plants will include two 2 groups with 1635 kWe each. The São Nicolau and Boavista power plants include 1 group, with 1020 kWe each. The consortium will soon start the engineering development and survey stage for starting the works.