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CETA, Thermal Power in Angola

CETA ENGDecember, 2011

Public Tender Awarding for the Construction of er Plants
After a negotiation period, on December 16 2011 the contract with ENE – Empresa Nacional da Eletricidade de Angola was executed for the construction of 7 electrical power plants in a total of 200 MW from the 280 MW subjected to tender. This work is being undertaken by a consortium comprised of WinPower, Zagope and Grupo Gema.

These power plants use the modular concept known as Boost system, developed by WinPower; 5 power plants have a Powerhouse* configuration and 2 have the Powerbox** configuration. The plants will be fitted with 49 18V28/32S generator groups by MAN. Start-up of the work took place in April 2012. The plants will be located in Benfica (Luanda), Quartéis (Luanda), Ondjiva, Benguela, Lubango, Dundo and Huambo.

*Powerhouse | With this configuration, all generator groups are installed in the same canopy; with the Powerbox configuration, each generator group is installed in its own canopy. In both cases, all auxiliary systems are outside the canopy. The existence of two configurations provides added flexibility to the BOOST system.

**PowerboxWith this configuration, Powerhouse allows for a saving in terms of implantation area. The Powerbox configuration allows for a greater individualization of the systems.Nesta configuração, a Powerhouse permite uma poupança em termos de área de implantação. A configuração Powerbox permite uma maior individualização dos sistemas.
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