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Concept and Characteristics

BOOST system: what is it?
This product is based on a concept of pre-designed and pre-assembled modules that allow for the construction of an electrical production power plant with generator groups (motors or turbines) in 2 MW- to 8 MW-units.

The BOOST system is an intermediate system between the enclosed power plants (that allow 1.8 MW groups / unit at the most, as they are limited by the size of the enclosures, 40”) and the large-size thermal power plants, with classical design, where everything is built from scratch.

As such, the BOOST system benefits from the advantages of the enclosed power plants – cost, fast execution and flexibility – and from the advantages of the conventional power plants – energy efficiency, reliability and O&M easiness.




BOOST system Concepts
 Modularity/flexibility   Energy Efficiency  Resilience and operational reliability  Fast installation




Thermal power plants, with a capacity usually between 6 and 100 MW, requiring fast execution (7 to 9 months), multi-fuel and low rotation generator groups.


BOOST system project criteria
 Modularidade, Modularity, ensuring fast installation and fast expansion;
 Operational resilience and reliability, ensuring durability and simple O&M;
 Fast implementation, ensuring competitiveness regarding EPC;
• High energy efficiency, allowing optimization of power plant costs throughout is life cycle;
 Easy to operate;
 High automation level, ensuring safer and controlled operation;
 Multifuel, gás natural, fuel, diesel, etc.

BOOST system Characteristics
 Fast installation – Modular nature of the plants, based on pre-designed and pre-assembled modulesa;
 High energy efficiency – Use of more effective low rotation generator groups and turbines;
Cost benefits – The modular nature of the plants, along with their energy efficiency, ensure greater competitiveness in terms of costsO carater modular das centrais aliado à sua eficiência energética garante grande competitividade em termos de custos;
 International recognized suppliers Fornecedores de renome internacional – The equipment for the BOOST System plants is provided by internationally recognized manufacturers;
 Long life cycle (> 20 years) – Deriving from the use of equipment from renown manufacturers and the resilience of the installation;
 Scaling and relocation – The modular nature of the BOOST allows the possibility of scaling the plant or relocate it at low cost (10-15% of initial investment).