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An innovative product intended for renewing the power plant construction system up to 80 MW.

The BOOST System is a modular system that allows the construction of thermal power plants up to  80MW, based on pre-designed functional modules, with a clear benefit for the client in terms of assembly time and costs, without compromising quality, reliability and efficiency.

The new WinPower product is the result of years of experience and research, desponding to the challenges of the most varied industries and utilities, in different geographical areas. That experience has allowed us to create a new engineering and construction concept for power plants using modules”. More...




Winpower, SA wins a contract to supply, on turnkey basis, 2 (two) heat-recovery boilers for power plants in Cape Verde

November 2014, The customer is the national electrical public utility ELECTRA - Empresa Pública de Electricidade e Água, and the installation of the heat‐recovery systems will take place in the new power plants of Santo Antão and Fogo Islands which are both under construction by Winpower...+


WinPower wins a 140 MW power plant construction supervision contract in Nicaragua

December 2014, Last month, November 2014, Winpower International, in partnership with DAMEX Germany, GmbH closed a contract to carry out the supervision of the construction of a thermal power plant of 150 MW....+